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Mission Statement

The Clairton City School District strives to empower its stakeholders to increase academic achievement so that students can become life-long learners and competitors in the global market place.

About the School

Clairton Elementary School houses students in grades K through 5. The office is located on the Ground floor of the building, just off of the Elementary lobby. Visitors will be required to check in with security in the lobby before entering the building.

School Pledge

Clairton Elementary School Pledge

I pledge today,
to do my best
in Reading, Math,
and all the rest.

I promise to
obey the rules
in my class
and in the school.

I'll respect myself
and others, too.
I'll expect the best
in all I do.

I am here to
learn all I can,
to try my BEST
and be ALL I am.